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Headache Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Written By Autera Health Center on May 14, 2018

Are you sick of struggling with the complications of chronic headaches? It might be some comfort to realize you aren’t alone. 

Nine out of 10 Americans experience crippling headaches at some point in their lives, many of which lead to hours of pain and lost productivity. If headaches are an all too frequent part of your daily reality, it’s time to seek out natural headache treatment to send them away for good. 

Not sure who you should visit to find relief? Your chiropractor is the perfect option, for the reasons we’ll go into below. 

What Causes Headaches?

Doctors have identified over 300 causes of headaches today which range from insomnia, an unhealthy diet, too much stimulation, and hundreds of other reasons. Some headaches are relatively short and painless, while others come in clusters that can be disabling for days at a time. 

However, one underestimated cause of many headaches is back pain, often due to injuries or poor posture. Even looking at your phone too much can give you a headache from putting too much pressure on your neck.  

Booking an appointment with a chiropractor is one of the best ways to address these causes of headaches. A chiropractor can address the muscular, habitual, or spinal causes of your head pain and recommend treatment to mitigate them. For instance, therapeutic massage and spinal manipulation are often used to ease muscle tension in the back of the neck, and the treatment can even be more effective than traditional pain medications. 

Best of all, a chiropractor can teach you proper spinal positions for day to day activities, stretches, and exercises that will help you keep your headaches under control right from home. 

When to Visit a Chiropractor for Natural Headache Treatment

Don’t put your life on hold every time you experience a headache. The Autera Health Center in Peachtree City, GA can help you find relief. 

We provide safe and effective options for natural headache treatment, and we will work with you directly to determine what is causing your headaches in the first place. Regardless of whether you will benefit most from spinal manipulation or a different kind of chiropractic adjustment, we will work with you to help you find relief. 

If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to your chronic headaches, gives us a call at (770) 487- 5211. We look forward to working with you soon!


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