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Spinal Decompression as an Alternative to Pain Medication

Written By Autera Health Center on November 30, 2018

Pain medication can be both habit-forming, and it can sometimes stop working for you. Medications also have long-term effects on your body. 

However, you can find natural pain relief from back pain using alternative treatments, like spinal decompression.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

When it comes to spinal decompression, there is the surgical type and the non-surgical type. If you're considering surgery as a way to relieve back pain, make sure that you discuss all of the possible complications with your doctor, after exhausting non-surgical therapies that may work and save you from having surgery.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is a form of back pain treatment that stretches your spine. The treatment uses a device meant to help elongate the spine, relieving pressure. Most often, this is done using a traction table, but other devices are used as well.

Stretching your spine might seem like a scary notion, but spinal decompression does this slowly, with the intent to relieve pressure (thus relieving pain). 

Preparing for Spinal Decompression Treatment 

Your chiropractor isn't going to immediately have you get on a traction table when you step into the office for the first time. They need to do some x-rays and ultrasounds to see what part of your spine is causing you pain so that they can ensure the right focus.

Spinal decompression therapy is also combined with other treatments that help with natural pain relief, including:

Hot and Cold Treatments 

Cold therapy helps reduce swelling, which naturally reduces pain. Heat therapy also soothes and helps reduce pain.

Regular Chiropractic Care 

You still want to be getting your normal adjustments, as spinal care and alignment helps with your overall health, not just as a back pain treatment.

Proper Exercise 

Knowing the right exercises for a healthy back is also important, according to case studies. Talk to your chiropractic professional about the best yoga positions for relieving back pain and increasing your good posture.

Spinal Decompression Using VAX-D in Peachtree City

Sometimes even the simplest thing, like lifting heavy groceries, can cause someone to end up with an injured back that will cause agony. Instead of going straight to painkillers that may be addictive, try spinal decompression with your chiropractor first!

Doctors Matt Autera, with over 25 years of experience as a chiropractor, and Tiffany Terry at Autera Health Center use VAX-D genesis treatment, a non-surgical treatment that helps relieve spinal pressure and give you natural pain relief. Call (770) 741-2428.

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