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Treating Back Pain Without Surgery with VAX-D

Written By Autera Health Center on May 17, 2017

Back pain is one of the most widespread and debilitating types of pain a person can experience. 

In fact, back pain has been identified as a top reason for missing work and going to the doctor, second only to the common cold. Around 80% of all adults will likely experience it at some point in their lives!

What makes back pain even more of a hassle is the devastating effect it can have on your quality of life. In addition to both chronic and acute pain, sufferers of back pain may also experience migraines, stiffness, numbness, movement restriction, insomnia, and even mood swings.

When it comes to treatment options, some people are lucky enough to eliminate their back pain with a combination of stretching, exercises, and plenty of rest. 

Others, however, might not be so lucky. Their condition may be so degraded that they may feel their only option is an expensive and typically painful surgery. 

That’s where VAX-D comes in! 

What is VAX-D?

VAX-D (or vertebral axial decompression) is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment aimed at treating patients with both chronic and acute back pain. It may also help ease the pain of individuals who have already undergone surgery but still continue to have back pain.

Here’s how it works.

Our spines are made up of three major parts: vertebrae, discs, and the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a long system of nerves that is responsible for most of our body’s movements and processes, even ones we can’t control. 

The vertebrae that surround the spinal cord are there to both protect it and provide overall stability. Between each of these vertebrae are discs of connective tissue that cushion the vertebrae and keep them from rubbing against each other. 

Most types of back pain come from these discs rubbing against your spinal cord’s nerves.

VAX-D therapy is a way to painlessly elongate the spine so that these discs can be pulled back into place, thereby eliminating pain over the course of treatment. 

What is VAX-D Treatment Like?

VAX-D treatment is painless and often relaxing. The patient is placed in a small harness on a specialized surface. The lower-body half of the surface is then slightly pulled away from the upper half, providing a minimal stretch and elongation of the spine.

Treatments usually last about 35-45 minutes and the average patient receives about 20 treatments (once a day, five days a week) over four weeks. 

As VAX-D takes most of the pressure off of the patient’s discs immediately, many people will experience back pain relief throughout their sessions. In fact, some patients may even sleep comfortably during the process. 

So, before you make the decision to undergo costly and painful back surgery, consult with your chiropractor to see if you’re a good candidate for VAX-D. 

You’ll be happy you did. 

For more information on treating your back pain with VAX-D, take a look at the services offered by Autera Health Center. You can also email us or call today at (770) 487-5211 to schedule a consultation.


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