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How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Text Neck?

Written By Autera Health Center on August 24, 2017

Chronic pain can cut short your daily activities faster than almost anything else, and a new wave of neck pain is causing untold suffering for millions of people. Called “text neck,” this condition is causing a host of highly preventable health problems around the world. 

What is Text Neck?

Text neck describes the pain caused by looking down at an electric device for hours each day. It is fast becoming a chronic pain epidemic. 

In fact, a recent study revealed that almost 80 percent of adults under 45 had their phone on their person at all times, causing their neck to be under almost constant strain. While reading a book puts your neck in the same posture, most people spend far more time looking at their phone each day, which is why the condition has recently become so prominent. 

The pain of text neck is caused by the slumping posture most people adopt when looking at their phone. Not only does this position prevent your spine from properly supporting your head, it can lead to lifelong neck pain from damage to your cervical spine. 

Frequently flexing your neck and spine forward puts pressure on the supporting ligaments and tendons in the neck, which can lead to physical pain throughout the neck, shoulders, back, and even fingers and wrists. 

3 Common Treatments for Reducing Text Neck

When it comes to reducing the pain of text neck, prevention is the key to success. To prevent permanent damage to the structure of your neck: 

1. Keep your phone (and other screens) at eye level. 

This prevents you from bending your head forward to see it. 

2. Give yourself technology breaks throughout the day. 

Setting an alarm to remind you to get up and stretch every 30 minutes is also a smart idea.  

3. Pay attention to your posture. 

What activities cause you to bend your head forward? By noticing when you start to feel pain, you can begin to prevent the behavior that causes it in the first place. 

When to Visit Your Chiropractor for Text Neck

Sometimes, the pain of text neck is so severe that simply correcting your posture is no longer effective. In this case, it’s important to seek out a professional. Visiting a chiropractor will help you relax your neck and learn specific exercises you need to stave off the condition.  

In Peachtree City, the chiropractor team at the Autera Health Center is equipped to help you find relief. Our website provides a wide variety of health and wellness information, as well as instructions for booking an appointment to treat text neck. You don’t need to live in pain, so seek out the professionals at the Autera Health Center that can make it disappear.

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